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A Taste of Travel has moved

A Taste of Travel has moved.

Thankyou for your support.
We hope that you will continue to follow us on our new site


I’d love you to join us

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Today is a milestone for me……..my 100th blog post!


I must admit that when I started my blog, I was not looking ahead and had not even considered reaching this day.

In my previous life as a travel agent, I was often asked where I had been, what were the main sights to see, and more importantly, where did I have a fabulous meal. I thought a blog would be a perfect way of sharing this information.

Little did I know, I would meet you, and other fabulous people who, through commenting on the blogs or emailing me, I would get to know and share stories and lives with.

You have kept me going! Thankyou

As a little treat to myself, I am moving house!

A Taste of Travel now has it’s own web address.

I do have one big favour to ask of you. Those of you who are reading my blog either by email or RSS feed, could you please hit the subscibe button again on the new site.

Thankyou for your continued support and I look forward to seeing you at the new address.


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On one of the last undeveloped beachside blocks on Lembongan, is this old Bali Lumbung.
Based on the design of old rice barns, the llang a llang roof is made of thatching from special grasses. Unfortunately they are slowly disappearing from the island.

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