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It’s time to leave Sicily!
The history, the contrasting landscapes, the people and the food have been amazing.
We’ve loved every minute of our trip.
Here are some of our memories.

Iconic Etna was erupting whilst we were in Sicily. Smoke plumes wafted over the sky for days

Mt Etna, Sicily

Donald, our trusty Fiat Doblo, took us everywhere!

Fiat Doblo in Scicli, Sicily

From stunning Siracusa, with it’s maze of alleyways……

Siracusa, Sicily

Where laundry fluttered in the breeze……

Drying denim in Siracusa, Sicily

To the fishing villages of the south……

Fishing boats, Sicily

Where the three wheeled Apè was constantly in use……

Apè in Mazzara, Sicily

From mountains villages, where rooftops created their own memory…….

Roof tops in Sicily

To the clear blue waters of San Vito lo Capo……

San Vito lo Capo, Sicily

Through fields of flowers……

Olive trees and poppies in Sicily

Dotted with stone walls……

Stone walls in Sicily

Past vineyards……

Grape vines in Sicily

Spotting wild fennel growing everywhere……

Wild fennel in Sicily

To the Nebrodi mountains to see the famous black pigs.

Black pigs of the Nebrodi Mountains in Sicily

We loved the markets with all the fabulous selection of fresh food and fish

Ballaro Market, Palermo

Tasty Pachino tomatoes
Pachino Tomatoes, Sicily

Blood Oranges

Blood oranges, Sicily

Choose your fish.


With raw ingredients of this quality, we ate at fabulous restaurants, from simple trattorias to Michelin starred restaurants.

Star treatment at La Madia in Licata

La Madia, Sicily

Simple, stunning seafood antipasti at Sakalleo in Scoglitti

Seafood antipasti at Sakalleo in Scoglitti

Sicily’s own pasta with sardines at Duomo in Ragusa.

Pasta wih sardines, fennel and pine nuts at Duomo in Ragusa

Stunningly tomato salad with pasta and mussels at La Conchiglietta in Marzamemi


Amazing antipasti selection at Zia Pina in Palermo


Zuppe di Mare at Per Bacco in Siracusa

Zuppe di mare at Per Bacco in Siracusa, Sicily

Pane cunzato at Da Alfredo in Lingua, Salina

Pane cunzato at Da Alfredo in Lingua, Salina

Local festivals were a highlight.
La Festa di Capperi in Pollara, Salina

La Festa di Capperi in Pollara, Salina

La Festa di San Giorgio in Modica

La Festa di San Giorgio in Modica

Meeting friendly locals who were always wanting to know where we were from, what we were doing and where we were going.


Beautiful Marino in Trapani

Marino the net repairer in Trapani, Sicily

Making cheese with Guilio in the Madonie Mountains

Making cheese with Guilio in tbe Madonie Mountains, Sicily

Everywhere we went, we were surrounded by history

Golden mosaics at Monreale Cathedral, Palantine Chapel in Palermo, Piazza Armerina and the Duomo in Cefalu

Mosaics in the Monreale Cathedral, Sicily

Modica- one of the many Baroque towns of South East Sicily

Modica, Sicily

Temple ruins at Segesta, Selinute and Agrigento

Temple at Agrigento, Sicily

Lets not forget the sweet treats

Granita ni Sciacca


Gelato con brioche in Palermo, Sicily

And the best- Cannolo

Cannolo at Mazzara in Palermo

Thankyou Sicily
We’ll be back!

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The Madonie Mountains are part of the extensive northern mountain range of Sicily which also includes the Nebrodi and Mt Etna National Parks.
It is an area of an ever changing landscape of wooded forests, green pastures, winding roads, stunning views and towns perched amongst the mountains.The towns are all well preserved and because of their isolation, still maintain their local traditions and culture.

From Castelbuono, we get our first glimpse of the countryside as we approach Isnello.


Driving further into the Madonie Park, we pass beautiful woods and running streams.
The sun shines through throwing dappled light over the area.




Even the road signs have changed. We must be on the look out for deer!

As we drive higher, the woods disappear and sparse rocky vegetation takes over, though a few spring flowers brighten the landscape


We are nearly to the top of Piano Battiglia, 1619 metres above sea level. This is a popular area for hiking in summer and skiing in winter.


Once we have reached this level, it is an easy drive to the towns of the Madonie.
After a quick visit to Polizzi Generosa we drive to the two Petralie- Petralia Soprana and Pettralia Sottana

Though linked together, their history is very different. Petralia Soprana is the oldest town, having been an important Greek and Phoenician city. It then fell into Roman hands followed by the Arabs and the Normans whilst Petralia Sottana was established in the 14th century. Eventually both cities were taken over by noble families. They still retain their medieval charm, full of narrow streets, stone houses and many churches.

We stop in Petralia Sottana first. It has a very easy, relaxed feel.





2 kms away is Petralia Soprana, the highest village in the Madonie Mountains.From here you can often see the Nebrodi mountains and, on a clear day, Mount Etna.



Chiesa Madre

The castle built in 1062

Next stop, Gangi





From here you can also visit Nicosia and continue on to the towns of the Nebrodi and Mount Etna, but we return to Castelbuono via Geraci Siculo.

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